“Exquisite and vulnerable…” —Angie Smith

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Quick Info & Links

  • The hashtag for Longing for Paris is #LongingForParis
  • Sarah Mae’s Twitter handle, should you want to quote her or just say “Hi!” is @sarahmae
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What is the Book About & How Will it Help Women?

This book is about longings and the deep places of our hearts that ache for something more, something we can’t even always explain. It is about figuring out what do with our dreams and our longings, and how we navigate the tensions between them and our reality.

In Longing for Paris, Sarah Mae will help you:

  • Embrace your longings and dreams by having a Biblical understanding of them
  • Adventure with your kids in the everyday (no big trips or lengthy planning required)
  • See romance in a whole new light that doesn’t require flowers or jewelry
  • Savor your life without leaving your own backyard

Topic Prompts

Looking for some ideas of ways to write about Longing for Paris? Try one of the these…

  • I needed to figure out how to navigate the tensions between my dreams and my reality.
    • How have you struggled with this tension?
  • A fully alive woman can do amazing things for the Kingdom of God, but a half-dead woman will just let the waves of life carry her along.
    • Have you ever felt stuck and like the waves of life were just rolling over you? How did that affect your life and your family? Why do you want to wake up to your life? What are you doing to wake up?
  • The idea of adventure sounds exhausting. I would rather just curl up, drink coffee, and read a book.
    • Doing life with little ones can be hard enough, and the thought of taking them adventuring can just feel like too much. How have these feelings played out in your life?

Quotes from the Book

Here are some quotes you are free to use for your blog post or social media feeds:

  • “A fully alive people living for the living God can accomplish much in the world, but a half-dead people will just survive.”
  • “I had to learn to see that because I am made in the image of God, I have emotions that run deeply, long deeply, and ache deeply. I am a person of the deep.”
  • Behind the masks and the pain and whatever else is on the outside, I want us to see the imprint ofGod on everyone.And I want to see it in all of the world. There is so much bad, but there is so much glory as well.
  • “I love who I am because I was made with love. And I want to be fully me so that my God can be fully glorified.”
  • “I could stop asking, ‘Why God?’ and start saying, ‘Teach me to see what I do not see.'”
  • “We can’t always change our circumstances, but we can choose our perspective.”
  • “I’ve been so concerned with being “right” and “good” that i never stopped to contemplate the heart of my Father and His pleasure over the things that stir my heart.”
  • “Our bents, our personalities, our skill sets are not accidents. God put them into us for His glory and purposes. To not accept how God made us would be to deny His glory.”
  • “Your destiny is not be be in pain, but to walk in confidence and know who you are as His son or daughter.”
  • “I have learned that where we go wrong is when we hold so tightly to our dreams that we neglect to fully trust God with them.”
  • “God cares about our dreams, because He cares about us.”
  • “My, longings are the reminder that there is more – another world, another place where I am meant to be.”
  • “While the pain of this earth can be crushing, there is coming a day when the joy will crush the pain.”
  • “I was made for Tuscany. I was made for Paris. I was made for all the beauty in the world because…I was made for heaven.”
  • “I am not spoken into being. I am created. I am art. I am the artwork of God.”


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"The books or the music in which we thought the beauty was located will betray us if we trust to them; it was not in them, it only came through them, and what came through was a longing."

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